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Hi! I'm Penny! I got into the hair biz because I was passionate about all things grooming. I stay in this field because I love helping people look & feel their best. And it's fun!

Being a salon owner allows me to unleash more creativity. Over time I became crazy for natural curls & waves. It's such an obsession that I spend a lot of my free time learning all I can about caring for & enhancing curls, coils & waves. My curly training includes DevaCurl Inspired & Raw Curls Academy. I love teaching guests how to care for their natural texture. I also love to enhance that texture with a few strategically placed natural looking highlights.

I'm a big kid at heart. I love crafts, roller skating, singing, & hanging out with my trusty side kick Trixie.

Working with me you'll learn to care for your naturally curly, coily or wavy hair so you have more great hair days. Our salon is relaxed, upbeat & fun. Plus, you can snuggle with Trixie!

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5411 6th Ave NW

(just south of Market St)

Seattle, WA 98107